MD Light Notebook - Pack of 3 - Grid


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The MD Light Notebook from Midori is a set of three 48-page notebooks that are each light enough to be carried with you at all times. They are stapled in the centre to allow them to be easily folded back to the page you are working on and also come with their own index tabs which can be used throughout the notebooks to create chapters or headings.

MD paper is well loved its silky smooth texture and creamy colour, making it softer on the eyes to look at.

The Midori MD paper used was first developed in the 1960s as Midori's original diary paper, and has continuously gone through quality improvement until today. This paper is adopted for writability and is fountain pen friendly. It prevents smearing or bleeding through easily.


  • Made in Japan.
  • Choose from B6 Slim (175 x 105mm) or A5 (210 x 148mm)
  • Set of 3. 48 pages each.