Nancy Seki - Pole Vaulting Masking Tape

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One of our favourites from Classiky, the Pole Vaulting washi tape features illustrations by Nancy Seki.

Nancy Seki was born on July 7, 1962, near the Shiko Munakata Memorial Hall in Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture. He moved to Tokyo after graduating from high school.

While attending Hosei University, he began carving stamps with an eraser, and his "Apprentice Series Ten Series" came into the eyes of Mr. Ichiro Enoki - afterwhich he made his debut as an eraser printmaker in 1984. Named "Nancy" by Seiko Ito, who was the editor of "Hot Dog Press" at the time, he started the column "Nancy Seki's Kanji Ichigo!" on the reader's post page. He is very talented in writing.

  • Made in Japan.

  • 17mm width, 10 meters.

Also available in a cartwheel version - shown here in yellow and blue.