Logical Air Notebook - Lined

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The Logical Air Notebook from Nakabayashi features a binding system that doesn't have rings in the middle - making it more comfortable for your hand to move across the page. 

With Japanese paper, Nakabayashi has designed these notebooks to be less likely to show through and smear, while maintaining a light weight. The horizontal lines are lightly dotted, making it easy to draw vertical lines when needed. 

Pages can be divided into 4 sections. There is a cutting line for easy and neat marking of what page you're up to.

  • 56gsm Paper

  • 40 sheets.

  • Made in Japan

  • BLUE NOTEBOOK - Lines are 6mm apart. Each page has 35 lines.

  • PINK NOTEBOOK - Lines are 7mm apart. Each page has 30 lines.

Grid version available.