Laptop Notebook - To Do List / Daily Planner

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 The Desktop Notebook from Isshoni is designed to be put in front of your laptop as you work. Specifically, 13" laptops!

Especially efficient when you are working in a smaller space, or at a café. When closed, it is about the size of a smartphone. 

  • Available with a black or grey cover.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Measures 90 x 150mm when closed.
  • Daily Planner version
    • 32 pages. 1 day per page = 32 days!
    • Features timestamps on the left, and memo area on the right.
  • To Do version
    • 48 pages.
    • List 20 items per page.
    • Both for tasks and your "Movies to Watch" lists.

Please note the page count difference.

Also available in a Lined and Grid versions for your note-taking needs.