Perkeo Fountain Pen

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The Perkeo Fountain Pen is part of the a playful, colourful and unique range from Kaweco.

This full sized, entry-level fountain pen's design maintains some classic Kaweco tradition delivered in unexpected colour combinations. It revisits an early 20th century Kaweco design but with a modern take.

The matte octagonal cap and the sixteen-edged barrel harmonise perfectly to form a faceted body that provides good grip. As the pen is primarily made from plastic it is also incredibly lightweight.

  • ABS plastic, stainless steel, blue ink cartridge. Uses standard international ink cartridges and converters, such as those made by Herbin or Kaweco.

  • Designed & made in Germany.

  • Measurement: 10.5cm (l) (capped); 13.3cm (l) (cap posted)